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TruArmor About Us

TruArmor™ is at the forefront of innovative security solutions that protect and secure your most valuable assets: your people and your property. TruArmor™ PROTECTIVE SOLUTIONS utilizes industry-leading technology in conjunction with a unique multilayered approach which

  • PROTECTS:  the physical security of your people and property with the extraordinary performance capabilities of our industry-leading line of Security and Safety Glass Laminates.  Endorsed by security expert Lt. Col (Ret) Dave Grossman, TruArmor utilizes an industry-leading nano-technology which converts your ordinary glass into a protective armor that is impact, burglar, fire, blast, hurricane and bullet resistant and meets or  exceeds industry testing standards for these threat.
  • EMPOWERS:  everyone in your organization through education and awareness training to become active and effective participants in security.  Even the most hardened facility remains vulnerable to threats that target untrained personnel.  Empowerment or “Preventative Defense” Workshops provide attendees with the skills needed to recognize, mitigate or properly respond to a wide range of potential threat scenarios.
  • PREPARES: your dedicated security personnel with advanced protective skills and a shared response plan for the various threats faced by professionals and civilians alike. TruArmor offers firearms, defensive tactics, and tactical training courses which dovetail into a training system that integrates with our two other layers of protection to form a common security response plan that is comprehensive and highly effective.


The best and most cost-effective security available anywhere belongs to those who put TruArmor between themselves and any threat.


†   Bullet resistance requires the use of our BR bullet resistence laminate in combination with one of our other safety or security laminates. The thickness requirements of our BR laminate will vary depending upon many variables to include the type and thickness of the exisitng glass and the required level of bullet resistence performance.